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Mobile Numbers UK Mobile phone directory. Your online directory for UK Mobile Phone Numbers

F.A.Q - Your Questions Answered

  • Is the service really free?

  • Yes - you can add your mobile number and personal or business details, and search for other mobile users - there are no membership fees or subscriptions. Random security checks may involve you in an (optional) small SMS charge when registering for the first time details

  • Can I add more than 1 mobile number?

  • Yes - once you have opened an account you can add more numbers, you have a primary number plus friends, business and relative groups for additional numbers. These numbers show on your account.

  • Is there a limit of numbers I can add?

  • Yes - 1 primary number, and 33 in each of three other groups (family, friends, business) 100 in total.

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  • Are these extra numbers available in the directory?

    • Yes - once added all mobile numbers on your account are indexed and available for anyone to find.

    • Only registered and logged in users can search the directory.

    • The extra numbers on your account have limited details - to see click here

    • The PRIMARY number on an account has extra details (photo, information, web site URL etc)

    • By adding numbers you should do so with the knowledge and consent of each person.

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  • Can a person I add to my personal directory open their own account later?

    • Yes - if they allocate that number as their PRIMARY number they can add the same level of content as your primary number. The limited element still shows in your personal folder. Anyone finding your friends new listing as a PRIMARY number can view all the extra information. Whilst the listing remains part of your personal folder (and other users folders) only the limited details show in a search result.

    • A PRIMARY number can only be registered to ONE USER. Random security checks may ask registered users to confirm their own PRIMARY number by sending a simple text confirmation.

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  • Can the same number be added twice?

    • No - you should note the Primary (main users account number) takes preference. This means that if you have registered your own number as PRIMARY no-one else can register it, but can add it to their personal account directory.

    • The search finds any number ONCE and displays either the full details (if a PRIMARY ACCOUNT exists) or less detail (if in a Personal Folder of a Primary Account user)

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  • What does a directory entry look like

  • To see the options click here

  • Will I know if the users have their own Primary account for a number I have in my Personal folder?

    • Yes - when you add a number that is a primary number on another account it is indicated. Each number can only be in your directory once but can be added to any users personal folder account. The information on that user is limited regardless of it's status, to see the full information on a Primary Number search for it here

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  • If I add a number to my Personal Folder which is already listed do I get the information already listed?

    • Numbers added to your  Personal Folder show limited information regardless of whether the number is PRIMARY or not.

    • To view the full details click "more details", if the number is PRIMARY you will see the full info, but you cannot import any data to your account from another users account.

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  • What security measures are taken?

    • When you join an email is sent to your email account and you must verify that before your account is active. You cannot add extra numbers until then.

    • Random security checks are made which send a text message to your primary mobile to issue you with a password which is needed to verify your account as using a valid mobile number. A standard SMS charge applies which is shown in the email confirmation.

    • Replying by SMS Text to these security checks is OPTIONAL.

    • Security SMS checks are ONLY done with your primary number, not additional numbers you may add.

    • Each time you add a new number on your account the details will be emailed to you, both as a record for you and also to confirm no-one is using your account without your permission.

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  • How can I search for people?

  • Search allows you to search for people on the following fields

    • Mobile number (to see if it's listed, and/or whose phone it is)

    • Surname

    • Nickname

    • Business Name

    • Business Type (builder, electrician etc)

    • Town or City

    • County (UK only)

    • Country (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales)

    • You can accept the default (all) on any or all fields - i.e. list all Clarke surname in all of UK (country) or Norfolk (county) or in Norwich (city)

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  • What if I want to be EX-DIRECTORY and not be listed at all?

    • You cannot be a registered user and be Ex-Directory!!

    • As a registered user you must register a PRIMARY mobile number and this is available to other registered users via the searchable online directory.

    • If you DO NOT want to be in the Directory at all (or be removed if you joined) email us your details we will ensure you are deleted and added to the EX-DIRECTORY file stopping both you or anyone else adding your number to the directory.

    • If you request to be EX-DIRECTORY a security check maybe made which sends a text message to your primary mobile to issue you with a password which is needed to verify your account as using a valid mobile number AND confirms your request to be EX-DIRECTORY. A standard SMS charge applies which is shown in the email confirmation.

    • If you have problems contact us with the full details.

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  • My mobile phone has been stolen, what should I do?

To block your lost or stolen phone across every network, you should call your own network operator, service provider or 08701 123 123.

It's helpful to make a note of your IMEI number but don't worry your handset can still be blocked without it. (The IMEI is located on a strip normally located behind the battery of the handsets. On most handsets, press the keys *#06# and it will be displayed in the handset window.)

The relevant numbers are:

  Contract Pre-pay
Orange 07973 100 150 07973 100 451
Vodafone 07836 191 191 08700 776 655
O2 08705 214 000 08705 678 678
T-Mobile 0845 412 5000 0845 412 5000
Virgin Mobile 0845 6000 789 0845 6000 789
3 07782 333 333 07782 333 333
Onetel 0800 957 1100 0800 957 1100

You should also contact your local police station, or the police station nearest to where the theft or loss took place, and inform them of what happened.
If you have mobile phone insurance, you should also contact your Insurance provider to report any loss of theft.

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